The Sony Ericsson UK B-Boy Championships has crowned champions for 2010 in solo b-boy battles (breakdancing), locking, popping, 3 on 3 b-girl battles, seven to smoke, and IBE awarded footworking.

The Vagabonds crew of France reign supreme as World B-Boy Champions 2010 after defeating 2008 champions Top 9 of Russia in the final of the crew battles, while B-Boy Flying Buddha of Russia was solo b-boy champion.

Canadian lockers Flocky and Ro won the 2 on 2 locking battles, and the Spice Gizzirls defeated the Europeans for the 3 on 3 b-girl battles.

Gravity of America’s Dynamic Rockers won the seven to smoke battles, and Kid Glyde, also from Dynamic Rockers, won the IBE footwork battles.

B-Boy Mounir of Vagabonds was selected for the DJ Leacy Chief Rocker award.

Sony Ericsson UK B-Boy Championships 2010 full results

Results from Saturday’s UK B-Boy Championships knock out jam can be found here.

Winning crews are highlighted in bold with the judge’s votes show next to the crew names where available. Breaking had five judges, other disciplines had three.

Solo b-boy results

Semi finals
Robin v Lilou 1 x x 2
Flying Buddha v Menno 4-1

Solo b-boy finals
Lilou v Flying Buddha

Popping battle results

Semi finals
Greenteck v Salah x-2
Sally Sly v Nelson 1-2

Popping battle finals
Salah v Nelson

Locking results

Locking semi finals
Bitterbox Sisters v Du and Laquiste
Locky and Ro v Germany

Locking finals
Locky and Ro v Bitterbox Sisters

B-boy crew results

Vagabonds v Amazon Crew 5-0
Mighty Zulu Kingz v Soul Mavericks 2-3
Extraordinary Gentlemen v Dynamic Rockers 0-5
Top 9 v Found Nation 3-2

Semi finals
Vagabonds v Soul Mavericks
Top 9 v Dynamic Rockers 4-1

Vagabonds v Top 9