The Funkin’ Stylez UK 2011 qualifiers took place in London today to find dancers in nine categories to compete in the Funkin Stylez finals in Germany.

The winners in each categories are: Diva J in locking, Karim in house, Brooke in popping, Marcio in hip hop, Toby Jackman in krumping, Miss Eleanor in waacking, and Big Ben in breaking. UMA win crew battles.

Styles were divided into the categories of ‘street talent battles’ and ‘funkin stylez battles’ with dancers chosen by the judges allowed to call out who they would like to battle in the next round.

The winners of Funkin’ Stylez UK will have their flights and accommodation paid for to the Funkin’ Stylez world final on 3-5 December 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

See yesterday’s Funkin’ Stylez UK 2011 qualifier results.

Funkin Stylez UK 2011 final results

Funkin Style categories

Quarter finals

Tomo v PJ
Frankie v Pop C
Calvin v Diva J
Brooke v Mr Ben

Semi finals
Diva J
v PJ
Pop C v Brooke

Brooke v Diva J

Quarter finals
Turbo v Byron Cox
Karim v Penguin
Tomo v Perla
Caramel v Calvin

Semi finals
Karim v Caramel
Turbo v Perla

Karim v Perla

Quarter finals
Alper v Brooke
Perla v Frankie
Shawn v Marvel
Michael v Rajib

Semi finals
Frankie v Marvel
Brooke v Rajib

Brooke v Marvel

Hip Hop
Marcio v Turbo
Perla v Izaskun
Saul v Steve v Penguin (three way battle)

Semi finals
Saul v Izaskun
Steve v Marcio

Marcio v Saul

Crew battles
Semi finals
Funkin Fresh v UMA
2Mads v Beast Mode

Beast Mode v UMA

Street talent battles

Semi finals

Toby Jackman v Lil Seizure
Jr Dominant v Bill

Toby Jackman v Jr Dominant

Semi finals
Turbo v Shao v Divalicious Kay
Sarah v Lexi v Kenny

Sarah v Shao

Quarter finals
Dee Dee v Diva J
Prince of England v La Miaow
Divalicious Kay v Miss Eleanor
Mademoiselle Ginger v Manto Nosti

Semi finals
Miss Eleanor v Mademoiselle Ginger
Diva J v La Miaow

Ms Eleanor v Diva J

Quarter finals
B-Boy Angry Abdul v B-Boy Cesar
B-Boy Markiz v B-Boy Big Ben
B-Boy Shuga Shaun v B-Boy Clint
B-Boy Airdit v B-Boy Kofi

Semi finals
B-Boy Cesar v B-Boy Big Ben
B-Boy Clint v B-Boy Kofi

B-Boy Big Ben v B-Boy Clint