Red Bull Flying Bach photo by Dean Tremi / Red Bull Content PoolRed Bull Flying Bach, a music concert fusing the work of the classical composer Bach and German breakdancing (b-boy) crew Flying Steps is to embark on a worldwide tour starting in May 2012.

Red Bull announced the Red Bull Flying Bach world tour last week which begins in Pula, Croatia, on May 3 following the success of its initial 2011 European tour.

Red Bull Flying Bach┬ápairs Berlin b-boy crew Flying Steps with opera director Christoph Hagel where the crew breaks to the music of German Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach in a 70 minute feature length concert using piano, harpsichord, electronic beats and an emphasis on Bach’s classical score Well-Tempered Clavier.

“In past attempts to join classical music and breakdancing, the b-boys just supported the music,” said Vartan Bassil, founder of Flying Steps. “For Red Bull Flying Bach we are not only dancing, we are visualising and reviving Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier.”

Vartan continued: “For us, the Red Bull Flying Bach World Tour is a dream come true. We absolutely want to fascinate each crowd, each country with our art.”

Opera director Christoph Hagel added: “The moves of a breakdancing crew are as cool as a fugue by Bach. From Croatia to Japan, everyone can relate to it.”

Red Bull Flying Bach World Tour dates

Video: Red Bull Flying Bach World Tour 2012 Teaser

Pula, Istrian National Theatre – May 3
Zagreb,┬áVatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall – May 5-6
Tbilisi, Shota Rustaveli National Theatre – June 13-14
Oslo, Oslo Concert Hall – September 15-16
Beirut, Casino Du Liban – September 22-23
Doha, Drama Theatre at Katara Village – September 25-26
Dubai, Madinat Jumeira – September 28-29
Florence, Teatro Della Pergola – October 3
Turin, Teatro Carignano – October 6-7
Stockholm, Stockholm Concert Hall – October 12 & 14
Gothenburg, Gothenburg Concert Hall – October 20-21
Kiev, Ukrainian National Opera – October 26-27
Prague, Karlin Theatre – October 30-November 1
Tokyo, Orchard Hall – November 8-9
Osaka, Osaka City Central Public Hall – November 15-17
Lausanne – November (no confirmed date)
Lucerne, KKL – December 5-8
Moscow – December (no confirmed date)
St. Petersburg – December (no confirmed date)

Red Bull Flying Bach World Tour credits

Artistic Director: Christoph Hagel
Choreographer: Vartan Bassil (Flying Steps)
Dramaturgy: Nadia Espiritu
Dancers: Flying Steps
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier, Part I
Arrangement: Piano, harpsichord, alienated electronic beats
Piano: Christoph Hagel
Harpsichord: Sabina Chukurova
Beat Instrumentation: Ketan and Vivan Bhatti
Visuals: Marco Moo
Producer: Timm Zolpys, Flying Steps Entertainment GmbH