cypher-sessions-3-bboy-battles-belfastCypher Sessions 3 b-boy battles are to return to Belfast next weekend with a new prize format and free workshops on 29 September 2012.

The solo b-boy battles competition will take place at T13 studios in the Titanic Quarter where a £1,000 prize which will be split accordingly depending on how many rounds each dancer wins throughout the day.

Called the Cypher Sessions Reward Scheme, organisers explained: “As competitive b-boys ourselves, we appreciate the dedication it takes to battle, both physically and financially. This format provides a great opportunity for b-boys and b-girls to alleviate some of the financial strains it takes travelling to and from b-boy events.”

Competitors will win money for each round in the bracketed stages of the competition: Winning the first round and quarter final rewards them with £50, increasing to £100 for the semi final and £200 for the finals.

They continued: “We believe in supporting those who support us. Plus it encourages the rawest, illest sets to be thrown down in battle!”

B-Boy Zorro, who won Cypher Sessions 2 in August 2011, will return to the event as a judge alongside B-Boy Doke and B-Boy Shadow.

Video: Cypher Sessions 3 Belfast trailer

Cypher Sessions 3 will also hold free breaking workshops by Northern Soles Cru, as well free workshops in parkour, BMX, skating, and hip hop, from 1pm until the main battle event at 5pm.

Cypher Sessions 3 Judges, host and DJ

B-Boy ZorroGhetlow Pirates – UK
B-Boy Shadow – Skill2Style – Belfast
B-Boy Doke – Bad Taste Cru – Ireland/UK

MC Trix

Funk Soul Brothers
DJ P-Nut

Cypher Sessions 3 takes place at T13 Queens Road, Titanic Quarter, BT3 9DT. Workshops from 1pm-5pm are free, main event tickets from 5pm are £8 for adults, £5 for children and £5 for competing b-boys and b-girls.