Ashley Banjo, the choreographer of Diversity and Got to Dance judge celebrated his 24th birthday today resulting in fans tweeting birthday wishes.

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Ashley Banjo Birthday tweets

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Ashley Banjo birthday tweets (and Funso Banjo too)

Your tweets to Ashley Banjo for his birthday

Storified by All Street Dance · Thu, Oct 04 2012 12:30:29

Lets all wish the big man Ashley Banjo a Happy Birthday 🙂 @therealashbanjo Have a great day dude. One LoveDiversity
Happy Birthday To My Biggest Inspiration And My Big Brother @therealashbanjo ! Much Love 20DV Baby!Jordan Banjo
it’s also Ashley Banjo’s birthday, so Happy Birthday @therealashbanjo 🙂 xmy birthday d-17.
@Jordan_Banjo is ash having a good birthday?:-) what did you get him;-)?lucyyyyyJordan
@Jordan_Banjo let Ashley know I said Happy Birthday. Hope ya had a good day big man! #buzzingKelsey Mitchell
Happy birthday @Diversity_Tweet Ashley banjo!Tiffany Weeks
@Jordan_Banjo have you gave ashley his birthday beatings yet lolRat-A-Tat-Tat
@Jordan_Banjo tell @therealashbanjo we said Happy Birthday!DV Fam
@Jordan_Banjo Is @therealashbanjo Having A Good Birthday? 🙂 xJamie-Lee DV!
@Jordan_Banjo is ash enjoying his birthday? What did you get himsophie griffiths✌
@therealashbanjo Happy birthday to my biggest inspiration ashley banjo!!! xx words cannot describe how much I love him!! ;)Mysterious 3
@Libby_ParkerTW @LauraDiversity well seeming as Georgia kept saying in spanish today ‘its ashley banjo’s birthday’ :’) and of course youJust Sophie..
Happy Birthday Ashley Banjo!!<3Jeni-Anna Young
big happy birthday to my idol ashely banjo x xGeorgia∞
@therealashbanjo HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY BANJO! WE LOVE YOU! #BanjoBirthday xxxxxxxxHannah
@therealashbanjo @Diversity_Tweet happy birthday Ashley banjo xx love u soooo so much have a great day xx love me x much love xtaylor fairky TOLO!!
@AshtonRussell16 @realperrikiely @therealashbanjo @Jordan_Banjo @Warren_DV did u put candles in ashs chicken and sing happy birthday?Emma Macedo
@AshtonRussell16 @realperrikiely @therealashbanjo @jordan_banjo @warren_dv why isn’t birthday boy chillin with his feet up?! LolKirsty & Laura
@AshtonRussell16 @realperrikiely @therealashbanjo @jordan_banjo @warren_dv woop woop hav fun guys 😀 an HAPPY BIRTHDAY BFGEmily x Clulow
Happy Birthday Ashley Banjo :DSophie Bichener
Happy birthday Ashley banjo xxx!!!!!The Banjo
Happpy birthday Banjo!!! @therealashbanjo xxxxxxxxxxRobyn Walker
@Abbey_Doola @therealashbanjo happy birthday mr banjo. We rate you highly! From your greatest fans xxxKelly Smyth
Happy Birthday Ashley Banjo! 🙂 you are one heck of an awesome dancer! i love diversity so much! <3Samantha Tan ❀
@therealashbanjo happy birthday mr banjo man :))galwaymixer
#BanjoBirthday Happy Birthday to the worlds inspiration. Ashley Banjo have a good day big man, @therealashbanjo #reallifeKelsey Mitchell
@Jordan_Banjo @therealashbanjo happy birthday big brother banjo hahahaDanielle
Happy birthday ashley banjoelise lalor
@therealashbanjo happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday to banjo happy birthday to you!❤Jessica❤
@therealashbanjo HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY BANJO!! You are the king of Street Dance!!!!Fikha Js.
@therealashbanjo happy birthday ash banjoAisha Erkan
@Jordan_Banjo HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! #BanjoBirthday !!!!! DY
Happy birthday ashley banjo B-)TsabitahT.P
Happy Birthday Ashley Banjo !!! @therealashbanjo Love ya ! XxxxKitty
Happy Birthday To My Biggest Inspiration And My Big Brother @therealashbanjo ! Much Love 20DV Baby!Jordan Banjo
@therealashbanjo HAPPY BIRTHDAY ashley banjo!!!! You’re amazing dancer ever!!! Isna
Diversity #Digitized Lets all wish the big man Ashley Banjo a Happy Birthday 🙂 @therealash…
Lets all wish the big man Ashley Banjo a Happy Birthday 🙂 @therealashbanjo Have a great day dude. One LoveDiversity
Happy Birthday Ashley Banjo @therealashbanjo !!! stay cool brother! GBUZee
@therealashbanjo happy birthday mr banjo:-) x xa m b e r ~
@Izz_Jnr @therealashbanjo Happy Birthday Banjo son! ✌that photo is on point Izz hahaJosh C Rasmussen
Happy birthday to my bby Ashley BanjoEllie Thwaites
@Tea_up My parents bought me the banjo for my birthday. Was a complete surprise. Decided it won’t do to live my whole life…Gypsum Fantastic
Happy birthday mr banjo :-)jagermeister girl xx
@therealashbanjo HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR BANJO!!!!xxx†iffanyReid
Still can’t believe that @therealashbanjo is one year older today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANJO!Laur
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANJO! @TherealashbanjoBethany Louisee
@Jordan_Banjo happy birthday!!!Caraaaa
Happy birthday Leigh-Anne and Ashley Banjo !!:) x @therealashbanjo @LittleMixOfficEmilyDV:)
@Jordan_Banjo when is your birthday?xxxChanKiely
Ashley banjo’s birthday today,happy birthday have a good day,love youuuu xchlo x
happy birthday ashley banjo wooooo<3†
@therealashbanjo HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR BANJO, love you <3 xxRachael Crisp
@therealashbanjo HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY BANJO! Weina Agnestya
Happy birthday to one of the biggest inspirations ashley banjo! #ashleybanjo✝
@therealashbanjo happy birthday mr banjo have a good’unDanielle
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @therealashbanjo !!!!!!!!!! hope you have a great day and @Jordan_Banjo isnt too mean or doesnt make you laugh too much hahax❤ Street Dancerrr ❤
Mr Banjo’s birthday tomorrow! Hope he has picked up his post from the studioMichelle
*Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy! Banjo is 4!! #lovehim Boutwell
Tomorow is Ashley Banjo birthday! \(´▽`)/Weina Agnestya
@therealashbanjo It’s Your Last Day Of Being 23 Mr. Banjo!! You Excited For Your Birthday? 🙂 xJamie-Lee DV!
@therealashbanjo hey mr banjo 🙂 i know you’re a busy guy and all but are u gonna be at the studio on your birthday?Emma Macedo
@beminenjhoran luckyy! Ur birthday is on the same day as ashley banjo from diversity! Happy birthday for thursday! :)xx1D R LIFE 3
@jordan_banjo Happy Birthday to daddy banjoDIVERSITY’S ARMYXxxx
@Jordan_Banjo @diversity_tweet glad you’ve had a great day Jordan!! Oh and a big happy birthday to daddy banjo 🙂 x any chance of a follow?sambuca sarahDV
@therealashbanjo @Jordan_Banjo Happy Birthday to your daddy!!Shannon Ali
Happy Birthday Mr. Banjo!!!! XxJesy Nelson
@Jordan_Banjo @therealashbanjo happy birthday daddy banjo :)Hannah May 😀
Happy birthday banjo :)Ashton Dv Russell
@Jordan_Banjo jordan tell your dad happy birthday :)!xxxx†iffanyReid
@Jordan_Banjo birthday today? Happy birthday bro ! RetroKid !
happy birthday mr banjo, thanks for bringing some of my favourite people in the world to it ❤so overt, its covert
@Jordan_Banjo tell your dad Happy Birthday from me please Jordan?.xxxTyra RobertsDV!
Happy birthday to Funso Banjo! Thank u go raising such amazing and beautiful kids! @therealashbanjo @Jordan_Banjo @TalisaBanjo #inspirationTeamAshley&Francesca
Happy birthday mr banjo @jordan_banjo and @therealashbanjo #inspiration and #legend <3 have a good day
@Jordan_Banjo that him :O happy birthday banjo xAshleigh Crump
"@Jordan_Banjo: Happy Birthday Dad… #inspiration :)! Much Love 20DV Baby!" hbd daddy banjo:)iamAdiversifanRC
Happy birthday to the daddy of all the talented Banjo’s have a good day Banjo.Stewart Oldham
@Jordan_Banjo And a very very very happy birthday from all in Ireland Daddy Banjo x Ita Roche
Happy Birthday @Jordan_Banjo Dad:DAmber Jayne Martin
@Jordan_Banjo Happy Birthday, Papa Banjo! :)Azrina Caffrey
@Jordan_Banjo awwww happy birthday daddy banjo! :DNickypie 😀
@Jordan_Banjo happy birthday to your dad 🙂 xxxSHAIx
@Jordan_Banjo HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. BANJO!! Have a great one!! :)Erin McDonald
@Jordan_Banjo Happy Birthday Daddy BanjoDanielle
Happy Birthday To Your Dad @therealashbanjo @Jordan_Banjo @TalisaBanjo 🙂 xJamie-Lee DV!
@Jordan_Banjo awww! Happy birthday to him!LittleMix Horoscopes
Happy birthday Mr. Banjo!!!Jesy Nelson
Happy Birthday Dad… #inspiration :)! Much Love 20DV Baby! Banjo
Would like to wish a Happy birthday to @therealashbanjo @TalisaBanjo @Jordan_Banjo papa, Funso Banjo (it is today isn’t it)Michelle