Rudeye Dance Agency has signed funk style dance duo Soulsisterz act to its books.

“We are very excited about representing them as we feel the combination of their incredible talent in the funk and hip hop styles mixed with infectious personalities will make an irresistible choice for our clients,” the dance agency announced.

Soulsisterz, billed as “the first ladies of funk,” is made up of Maureen Francis and Shannen Devlin who are originally from Ireland. As a duo they specialise in the funk style dances of locking and popping and the technicalities that fall under the disciplines including tutting, animation and robotics.

As an introduction Rudeye will be presenting a Soulsisterz workshop at Pineapple Dance Studios on the 29th October 4-6pm for £10.

About Rudeye Dance Agency

Rudeye is a professional dance agency representing and supplying the dancers and choreographers in for all aspects of the dance industry including music videos, TV, trade and fashion shows, concerts, commercials, virals, corporate events, film and print. Their clients include BBC, ITV, Sky and recently Timex watches.

Rudeye has released an iPhone app to promote the dancers and models on its agency using songs from the user’s iTunes library as a soundtrack and was also the first company at Pineapple Dance Studios to devise a flash mob dance class.

Rudeye holds weekly classes in the Rudeye style ‘fusion funk,’ a mixture of street dance, hip hop, jazz, R’n’B, locking, popping and robotics at Pineapple Dance Studios in London from Tuesday to Saturday.