B-Boy Thomaz of RockaFellaz Crew, Poland, is the winner of the Just Jam International 2012 five year anniversary solo b-boy battles that took place this weekend at Dance City, Newcastle.

Thomaz battled Sebastien of Battle Squad, France in the finals after defeating B-Girl AT of Flow Mo Crew, Norway in the semi finals.

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The Just Jam 2012 battles included eight international and eight UK invites alongside 64 dancers that signed up to battle in advance.

Just Jam International 2012 winner and results

Winners of each round are shown in bold.

Quarter finals
B-Boy Pick Up (Kosher Flava, Israel) v B-Girl AT (Flo Mo Crew, Finland)
B-Boy Sam (Flyin Jalapenos, Scotland) v B-Boy Yarko (Polskee Flavour, Poland)
B-Boy Skromcich (Cats Claw, Poland) v B-Boy Thomaz (RockaFellaz Crew, Poland)
B-Boy Sebastien (Battle Squad, France) v B-Boy TA (Raw Ratz, Norway)

Semi finals
B-Boy Sebastien v B-Boy Yarko
B-Girl AT v B-Boy Thomaz

B-Boy Thomaz v B-Boy Sebastien

Just Jam Judges
Freeze – Ghost Crew, Sweden
Pepito – 7 Dollar Crew, Australia
Poe One
– Style Elements / Mighty Zulu Kingz / Rock So Fresh, USA

Just Jam International

Just Jam is part of Juice Festival, NewcastleGateshead’s festival for children and young people, celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. In 2011 the Just Jam winner was T-Killa.

Just Jam International is a two day hip hop dance festival that consists of an evening of workshops and a theatre night followed by its main attraction, the Just Jam 2012 b-boy battle on the second day.

As part of its five year anniversary organisers Bad Taste Cru adopted a 1980s breaking film Wild Style theme for its advertising campaign and filmed a viral video with Strife TV imitating the movie’s best moments

Just Jam International 2012 promotional video (Strife TV)