The Funkin Stylez UK 2012 qualifier took place today at Plan B, Brixton London ahead of the world finals in Germany in December.

Qualifiers for the world finals took place in hip hop, house and popping categories with the addition of breaking, krump and waacking as Street Talent categories (with no international qualification).

The Funkin Stylez winners have won flights and accomodation for the world finals; breaking waacking and krumping win a £100 cash prize and goodies.

Funkin Stylez UK 2012 winners and qualified dancers

Winners in each category are highlighted in bold with the judge’s scores next to them with an X denoting a tied vote.

Semi final
Baggsy v Anya X-2
Joelle v Frankie 0-3

Anya v Frankie

Quarter finals
Brooke v Pharoaceous 3-0
Dickson v Monstapop 0-3
Boogie v Frankie 1-X
Breaks v Marvel 1-2

Semi finals
Brooke v Monstapop TB 0-3
Boogie v Marvel 1-2

Monstapop v Marvel 1-XX

Hip hop
Quarter finals
Fabrice v Pharoacious 3-0
April v Idris 1-2
Marcio v Joker 1-XX
Clara v Sean 2-X

Semi finals
Fabrice v Idris 3-0
Marcio v Clara 2-X

Fabrice v Marcio

Me Against the Music
Talent, Abdanger, Marcio (and Dickson?)

Semi finals
Baggsy v Julie
Mademoiselle Ginger v Miss Eleanor 1-0 TB

Baggsy v Mademoiselle Ginger

Solo b-boy
Quarter finals
B-Boy Magic v B-Boy Kid Glyde 0-3
B-Boy Demise v B-Boy Sunni 1-2

B-Boy Kid Glyde v B-Boy Sunni

Semi finals
Talent v Big Shush 0-3
Warren v Ricardo 1-2

Big Shush v Ricardo

About Funkin Stylez

Funkin Stylez is a dance battle that takes place annually in Berlin, Germany where nations from all over the world compete in the styles of hip hop, house, locking, popping and a 5 member mixed styles crew battle.

In 2012 the Funkin Stylez German National Finals will take place on 2 December 2012 in Duesseldorf, Germany, ahead of the International Finals on 6-8 December 2012 in Berlin.