RoxRite is statistically the winner of Red Bull BC One 2012 world finals in Rio tonight – according to a public opinion poll posted on the event’s Facebook page.

The Red Bull BC One 2011 winner was voted the most popular b-boy to win the competition (at time of going to publishing) on a poll on the BC One Facebook page with 565 votes – a quarter of all votes – and twice as many as B-Boy Lil Zoo who was second most popular with 206 votes (11.7%).

Update: Red Bull BC One 2012 world champion is Mounir!

Red Bull BC One 2012 Winner - fan predictions graph

B-Boy Kid David of USA was next most popular with 206 votes (9.3%) followed by B-Boy Klesio of Brazil and B-Boy Hill of Mexico almost neck and neck with votes of 169 (7.6%) and 165 (7.5%).

Further percentage breakdowns can be found on the pie chart below (click to view full size)

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The Red Bull BC One 2012 world finals and live stream takes place tonight live from Rio de Janeiro where 16 of the world’s top b-boys  battle in a solo tournament breaking competition.

The BC One battle pairings were announced last night and will proceed as follows in knockout stages:

B-Boy Slav (Art From The Heart / Bulgaria) v B-Boy Hill (Unik Breakers / Mexico)
B-Boy Changubis aka Vicious Vic (MF Kids / USA) v B-Boy Issei (Foundnation / Japan)
B-Boy RoxRite (Renegades / USA) v B-Boy Arex (Murderouz / Colombia)
B-Boy Sunni (Soul Mavericks / UK) v B-Boy Differ (T.I.P Crew / Korea)
B-Boy Shorty Force (One Way / Korea) v B-Boy Junior (Wanted Posse / France)
B-Boy Kid David (Renegades / USA) v B-Boy Lil Zoo (Lhiba KingZoo / Morocco)
B-Boy Mounir (Vagabond Crew/ France) v B-Boy Domkey (Lionz Of Zion / USA)
B-Boy Klesio (New Old School / Brazil) v B-Boy Alkolil (Exact) (Predatorz / Russia)

Red Bull BC One 2012 world final judges

B-Boy Moy / B-Boy Neguin / B-Boy Niek / B-Boy Storm / B-Boy Taisuke