got-to-dance-2013-auditions-3-4-dancersAll Street Dance has compiled a list of dancers, crews and acts on episodes three and four of Got to Dance 2013 (series 4) airing on Sunday 13 January.

Hip hop style dancers eligible for the Got to Dance 2013 semi final shortlist include Antics and Theo “Godson” Oloyade.

Video: Antics Got to Dance 2013 audition

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Got to Dance Series 4 returns to Sky One on Sunday 6 January 2013 with Ashley Banjo, Kimberly Wyatt and new judge Aston Merrygold from JLS replacing Adam Garcia.

The new series incorporates a new judging system whereby only acts with three gold stars will be eligible for the live semi final shortlist. Got to Dance 2013 auditions took place across July and August 2012.

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Got to Dance 2013: Dancers on episodes 3 and 4, styles and star ratings [Series 4]

Judges sit Aston / Kimberly / Ashley, so a result O*O would = a red from Aston, a gold from Kimberly and a red from Ashley, got it?

Episode 3

Name/age Judge’s rating Song Style
Poison *** Rihanna – Birthday Cake, Rihanna – Where Have You Been, BBD – Poison (outro) Commercial street
Danni Bell (26) OOO Skrillex – Bangarang Hip hop (freestyle)
Les Serpents Mysqtiques (only VT shown) (VT)
??? (VT) Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
World of Dance Fusion OOO Acapella Tap
Fresh Alternative OOO (VT) ???
Kiruna Stammel (31) *** Adele – Rolling In The Deep Tap
Matthew Mindtrick (16) *** Nero – Must Be The Feeling Popping
Kieran Lai *** (VT) Popping
Kaman Francis-Balou *** (VT) Breaking
Scribble *** (VT)
Tomcaz (16) *** (VT)
Nathan *** (VT)
Demolitions OOO ??? Freestyle
Antics *** Outkast – Caroline, ???, Avici – Levels (Skrillex Remix) Street

Episode 4

Video: Godson Got to Dance 2013 audition

Name/age Judge’s rating Song Style
Theo Godson *** ??? Krump
Rory (11) *** House of Pain – Jump Around Street
Ice7 (24) *** Rihanna – Where Have You Been All My Life? Vogue
Marvel (24) *** (VT) Popping
B-Boy Mid Air *** (VT) Breaking
Andy Watt (39) OOO / O*O Labrinth – Earthquake Freestyling
Flamboyant *OO Darude – Before The Storm Freestyle disco
Rockstar OOO (VT) Cheerleading
Latin Connection OOO (VT) Salsa
WOTT Crew OOO Rihanna – Where Have You Been All My Life Street
Momentum Dance (17-20) ??? Street
Ruff Diamond Michael Jackson – Day and Night, Run DMC – It’s Like That (Jason Nevins Remix) Street