The Elite Force Crew is in the UK 1-3 November as part of The Origins of Hip Hop, seeing four of NYC’s first successful hip hop dancers paired up with the other elements of hip hop culture for three days of workshops, panel discussions and performances.


Buddha Stretch, Henry Link, Brooklyn Terry and Bobby Mileage will be sharing their knowledge of New York’s hip hop dance culture through intensive workshops and detailed seminars on their experiences and journey in the development of the dance form.

The Origins of Hip Hop, a free event organised by PHD Events will take place from 1 – 3 November at Brunel University alongside live performances and showcases from UK performers and crews including Mechanikool, The Waacktitioners, Soul Mavericks and Rowdy.

Tania Diggory, founder of PHD Events said: “We are really excited about the launch of PHD Events. We have some incredibly talented UK artists involved and the pioneers we are featuring from America are not only teaching dance workshops but sharing their experiences and knowledge on hip hop as a culture.”

The weekend will be a rare opportunity to pick up valuable information straight from New York street dance pioneers of the 90s era as participants will have the opportunity to question the four influential figures of east coast hip hop dance.

“This is a really exciting time to educate people on the history of the rich culture of hip hop, especially since so many pioneers are still around today to pass on their experiences,” continued Tanya. “With a line-up of inspiring activities and performances, PHD Events aims to provide the younger generation and hip hop enthusiasts with the chance to meet, learn from and interact with those who have lived through the culture from the start; ultimately enhancing the standard of hip hop education in the UK.”

Registering for PHD: The Origins of Hip Hop is free, although workshops and parties are priced individually or as a package deal.

Along with the dance performances MCs, graffiti artists, beatboxers and DJs have been rounded up across each day to touch upon the other hip hop elements.

The full schedule of events for PHD: The Origins of Hip Hop is available on their website.