Breakin’ World Series, a new battle concept involving creating concept videos set to original music to decide battle seedings has been announced by the organisers of Battle of the Year France.

Breakin’ World Series will star eight of the world’s top b-boy crews who have one week in Montpellier with a film maker and a beat producer to produce a single video clip that, based on the judge’s criteria, will decide the order of which each crew battles one another in a seeded competition after a screening of the videos on 7 December 2013.


The Breakin’ World Series concept was devised by Association Attitude, organisers of Battle of the Year International from 2010 – 2012), with the aim to reintroduce the streets and the surroundings to breaking.

Filming sites will range from cultural and historical sites around the region of Montpellier, as well as industrial wasteland and other surrounding environments. Making videos between five and seven minutes long the finished clip will be judged on eight different criteria of which four relate to filming and video production: shots, scenario, music and editing, and four relate to the basic breaking categories: toprock and uprock, footwork/legwork, freezes and power moves.

Breakin’ World Series takes place on Saturday 7 December 2013 at Zenith Sud in Montpellier, France with videos judged by B-Boy Lilou, B-Boy Lamine, B-Boy Ducky, B-Boy Rubberlegz and Kash Gaines of YAK Films and resulting crew battles by Mohamed Belarbi, Rubberlegz and Ducky.

Breakin’ World Series will be accompanied by a live stream for international viewers at 8pm – 11:30pm CET.

Breakin’ World Series 2013 line up

Bboy World Crew – New York (USA)
Top 9 Crew – St. Petersburg (Russia)
Morning Of Owl – Suwon (South Korea)
The Ruggeds – Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Found Nation – Tokyo (Japan)
Brasilian Team – Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Shake Styles – Barcelona (Spain)
Melting Force – Saint-Etienne (France)