Hong 10 of South Korea is the Red Bull BC One 2013 winner after defeating last year’s champion, Mounir, at the world finals in Seoul, South Korea last weekend.


After the event Hong 10 commented: “I can’t explain how happy and shocked I am that I won, especially this 10th anniversary year. To be level with Lilou is amazing; I have a lot of respect for him and can proudly say that I’m also a two-time Red Bull BC One champion.”

Hong 10 battled Mounir in the finals after defeating Menno of Holland in the opening rounds, graduating onto Lil Zoo of Morocco in the quarters and Wing of Korea in the semis.

“I voted for Mounir in the final, but I can understand why Hong 10 won, his fierce determination was both clear and consistent throughout each battle,” said Red Bull BC One judge Lamine. “I also think going second was a clever, and successful, strategy.”


Red Bull BC One 2013 World Final results

Winners of each round are highlighted in bold

Top 16
B-Boy RoxRite v B-Boy Arex
B-Boy Lilou v B-Boy Taisuke
B-Boy Ronnie v B-Boy Gravity
B-Boy Mounir v B-Boy Froz
B-Boy Wing v B-Boy Nori
B-Boy Omar v B-Boy Robin
B-Boy Neguin v B-Boy Lil Zoo 
B-Boy Hong 10 v B-Boy Menno

Quarter Finals 
Lilou v RoxRite
Gravity v Mounir
Wing v Robin
Hong 10 v Lil Zoo

Semi Finals
Lilou v Mounir
Wing v Hong 10

Mounir v Hong 10

Red Bull BC One 2013 qualified competitors: How finalists got to the finals

Red Bull BC One Latin American Finals Winner: Arex (Colombia)
Red Bull BC One North American Finals Winner: Gravity (USA)
Red Bull BC One Middle East Africa Finals Winner: Lil Zoo (Morocco)
Red Bull BC One Western European Finals Winner: Froz (Italy)
Red Bull BC One Eastern European Finals Winner: Robin (Ukraine)
Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific Finals Winner: Nori (Japan)

Red Bull BC One returning competitors

RoxRite (USA), Mounir (France), Wing (Korea), Neguin (Brazil), Lilou (France), Hong 10 (Korea), Omar (USA), Ronnie (USA)


Taisuke (Japan) and Menno (Holland)

About Red Bull BC One

Red Bull BC One is an international solo b-boy battle organised by Red Bull.

Each year, thousands of b-boys compete in one-on-one battles across six continents in 53 countries in national cyphers for a spot in six finals, held in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Winners earn a ticket to the Red Bull BC One World Finals, where 16 will enter, but only one will be crowned champion.

The first Red Bull BC One World Finals were hosted in 2004, in Switzerland. Since then, the annual competition has moved from Germany to Brazil, South Africa, France, USA, Japan and Russia.