DiversityDiversity’s management has distanced itself from headlines that appeared in local and national press claiming they and X-Factor’s Stacey Solomon would be appearing at the Dagenham Town Show.

Yesterday a statement appeared on Diversity’s website stating that they would not be headlining the show and the advertising was unauthorised.

The statement entitled ‘Message to fans RE: Barking & Dagenham‘ dated 22 June said: ““We are extremely upset by any disappointment caused to our fans however, the situation has been caused by factors beyond our control or knowledge.”

News in the Barking and Dagenham Post one 17 June ran with the headline “Diversity and Stacey to star at Town Show” although an older article posted on the Barking and Dagenham website, since updated, displayed the original claim:

The Diversity’s statement continued: “We have reacted as soon as this matter has been brought to our attention and we urge all fans to regularly check our official website for all future dates to avoid any further confusion”

Although claims of either of the acts appearing in the show has been dismissed, the information crept into the national newspapers as the Daily Mail mentioned the show in an article on Stacey Solomon.