StreetDance 3d Quad - croppedResults published a month after the release of Streetdance 3D by AllStreetDance illustrate the popularity of its characters and which actors and dancers may have benefited most from the success of the film.

Statistics were taken from search results beginning on the eve of the film’s release in cinemas on 21 May measuring through to 21 June using results where articles on TooMuchFlavour and its blog was listed in search results on popular search engines.

Most popular dancers in Streetdance 3D

The findings show that the character of Jay (Ukweli Roach), was the most popular character in the film (71.8%) dominating search results, followed by the character of Steph (Steph Nguyen, 9%) who played herself in the film.

Streetdance 3D: Most popular characters/dancers by search 20 May -  21 June ©
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Interestingly Steph, who was part of the supporting cast, was almost more popular than the leading character Carly (Nichola Burley, 5.7%) and Britain’s Got Talent winner Eddie (George Sampson, 4.8%) combined.

Brooke (Brooke Milliner, 2.8%) follows, ahead of ‘Kid in shopping mall’ (Akai, 1.5%)

A second chart with statistics for Jay removed allows a broader range of findings for other supporting dancers:

Streetdance 3D: Most popular characters/dancers by search (without Jay) 20 May - 21 June ©
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Other street dancers that were included in the finding grouped as ‘Other’ are Shawna (Teneisha Bonner), Mack (Kofi Agyemang-Prempeh) and Fred (Frank Harper).

Dancer notes
Ukweli Roach is a member of street dance group Birdgang. He and Stephanie Nguyen were also dancers in Blaze: The Streetdance Sensation, which since its debut at the Peacock Theatre in March, has toured Europe.
George Sampson is Britain’s Got Talent 2008 winner.
Brooke Milliner is a dancer and choreographer for Plague (Move Like Michael Jackson finalists). Since filming Streetdance 3D he has also covered for B-Boy Neguin in Blaze: The Streetdance Sensation during its European tour and recently featured in Your Name In Dance for Barclaycard.
Akai is the Got to Dance 2010 winner. Akai will join the cast of Into the Hoods at the Southbank Centre in July.
Sacha Chang is a former cast member of Into The Hoods
Danielle ‘Rhimes’ Lecointe is 2010 Stylefest Champion

Most popular crews in Streetdance 3D

The Surge (Flawless, 45.3%) were the most popular dance crew in the film followed by Peridot (33%). Diversity were third most popular dance crew (19.7%). Jukebox Junkies, Got to Dance finalists, who are also a supporting dance crew with Peridot, managed 2%. Other crews – Status, Karizma and Persuasive – did not create enough impressions to be included in findings.

Streetdance 3D: Most popular crews by search 20 May - 21 June ©
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Peridot was the most popular crew behind Flawless, although this may have been bolstered by people searching for them as they progressed on Britain’s Got Talent.
Jukebox Juniors was the only crew to manage to rank with Flawless, Diversity and Peridot, all of whom have been Britain’s Got Talent contestants.

Dance crew notes
All crews in the chart were incidentally all in TV talent shows:
Diversity are Britain’s Got Talent winners 2009, Flawless were runners up the same year.
Peridot featured in Britain’s Got Talent 2010.
Jukebox Juniors are Got to Dance 2010 finalists.