Ultimate Big Brother logoFlawless have been invited into the Ultimate Big Brother house to help housemates with a dance task. In order to pass the task, the housemates must choreograph, practise and perform a routine with the help of the Britain’s Got Talent finalists.

The housemates will be transformed into their own Big Brother dance group, Flawed, and challenged to create their own dance routine.

Update: Flawed dance auditions with Flawless

(Video may not display if Big Brother site goes down)

Flawless will ask each housemate to audition in the Large Task Room for the role of Lead Dancer. Flawless will then host a master class in the Large Task Room and a rehearsal session in the Living Room.

Later in the evening Flawed will perform their routine in the Large Task Room where Flawless then decide if housemates have done enough to pass the task.

Later in the evening Big Brother will play the premier of the Flawed routine in the Living Room.

The Flawed task will broadcast tomorrow, Wednesday 8 June, at 9pm on Channel 4.