King of Plymouth logoB-Boy Marcio of Parisian crew Legiteam Obstruxion has won the King of Plymouth 1 versus 1 B-Boy Battle 2010 which took place on 4 September.

B-Boy Spin of La Familia and Kazuki, who battled each other in the finals of the Regional Conflicts in June, placed second place and runner up respectively.

Video: B-Boy Marcio v B-Boy Spin – King of Plymouth 2010 Final

King of Plymouth 2010 B-Boy Battle results

1st Round:
Baha v Hype
Ling v Spider
Sez v Kazuki
Kathen v Dragon
Pure v Marcio
Patches v Hella
Elv v Kid Nasty
Spin v Andy
Wilze v SiWong
RickO’Shea v Mati
Honcia v C-Gun
China v Dangerous
Ralph v Znamir
Wattsy v Gravedigger
Gilchrist v Force
Sticks v Desire

2nd Round
Dragon v Spin
Hype v Force
Znamir v Desire
Kid Nasty v China
Gravedigger v Marcio
Wilze v Mati
Kazuki v C-Gun
Hella v Ling

Quarter Final
Mati v Marcio
Force v Desire
Kazuki v Ling
Spin v Kid Nasty

Semi Final
Kazuki v Marcio
Spin v Desire

3rd Place
Kazuki v Desire

Spin v Marcio