Twist and Pulse (Ashley Glazebrook and Glen Murphy) was involved with a promotional viral for the British School of Motoring (BSM) featuring their respective dance groups, Twisteria and Pulsteria as backing dancers.

The advert was shot by Coup Media Ltd, a social media and viral marketing agency, to be viewable only through the BSM Facebook page via a Twist and Pulse tab for a limited time before being viewable outside of the app.

Video: Twist and Pulse BSM Viral (YouTube)

Twist and Pulse BSM driving school -viral advert credits

Agency/video: Coup Media Ltd –
Directors: Will Gray and Steve Methuen
Dancers: Twist and Pulse (Ashley Glazebrook, Glen Murphy), Twisteria and Pulsteria

Twist and Pulse were Britain’s Got Talent 2010 finalists.