Streetdance the Movie is to premiere on UK terrestrial TV on BBC 1 for the August bank holiday weekend.

The 2010 UK dance movie Streetdance 3D produced by Vertigo Films, includes choreography from Kenrick Sandy and Kate Prince, who choreographed dance sequences with ballet choreographer Will Tuckett.

The movie made household names of UK dancers including Ukweli Roach, Brooke Milliner, and Akai Osei-Mansfield, and crews Flawless, Diversity and Peridot after its release in May 2010, earning over £2.2 million over its opening weekend at the box office.

Based on the popularity of Streetdance 3D production on Streetdance 2 is underway, set for a release in 2012.

Streetdance is showing on Monday 29 Auguest at 1:55pm on BBC 1