Tenpin Nottingham in association with EX-ITE Entertainment is launching a new hangout area, The DanceTube, for enthusiasts of dance on 28 September.

Professional dance training along with media-led workshops will be available at the hangout inside the Tenpin bowling alley, which will culminate with the forthcoming DanceTube online tournament, an initiative to encourage collaboration, training and competitiveness amongst its members.

The DanceTube has been specifically designed with personal achievement and self-projection in mind, and has its own video production suite situated within its dance studio for dancer groups to use to create video reels with technical and production support from the DanceTube team.

It will run every Wednesday for 13-17 year olds and Thursday evening for ages 18 and above from 4:30pm at Tenpin Nottingham offering three rooms of dance and game based activities, host a range of special guest appearances and provide music with its own resident DJ.

The DanceTube is situated at Tenpin, Redfield Way, Clifton Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2UW

People interested in DanceTube can register at www.thedancetube.co.uk

The DanceTube