B-Boy T-Killa of Norwegian crew Floorists is the Just Jam 2011 international b-boy battle champion.

Just Jam 2011, part of Juice Festival, is an annual two-day festival organised by Bad Taste Cru and organised by NewcastleGateshead at Dance City in Newcastle on 22 and 23 October including workshops, masterclasses and a hip hop theatre evening.

T-Killa defeated by runner up Zomas of Fusion Rockers in the finals.

The line up for Just Jam 2011 included eight invited UK b-boys and eight international breakers to make up the total 32 on the day.

Results for Just Jam 2011 international battles can be found below.

Just Jam 2011 international battle results

Just Jam 2011 Top 32
B-BoyLil Jay
v B-BoyRyan
B-Boy Grym v B-Boy Just Roc
B-Boy T-Killa v B-Boy Khanage
B-Boy Vanilla Killa v B-Boy Eggy
B-Boy Paco v B-Boy Marius
B-Boy Foggy v B-Boy Spin
B-Boy Flo v B-Boy Raw B
B-Boy Time v B-Boy Lee Roc
B-Boy Karlos v B-Boy Tukz
B-Boy Karam v B-Boy Calle
B-Boy Ling v B-Boy Tomaz
B-Boy Keyz v B-Boy Parkes
B-Boy Oleg v B-Boy Zomas
B-Boy Greku v B-Boy Error
B-Boy Kinder v B-Boy Maul
B-Boy Toyz v B-Boy Manny

Just Jam 2011 top 16 b-boys
B-Boy Lil Jay v B-Boy Tukz
B-Boy Manny v B-Boy T-Killa
B-Boy Calle v B-Boy Greku
B-Boy Grym v B-Boy Parkes
B-Boy Kinder v B-Boy Tomaz
B-Boy Zomas v B-Boy Time
B-Boy Raw B v B-Boy Spin
B-Boy Paco v B-Boy Eggy

Just Jam 2011 quarter finals
B-Boy Tukz v B-Boy T-Killa
B-Boy Calle v B-Boy Grym
B-Boy Tomaz v B-Boy Zomas
B-Boy Spin v B-Boy Eggy

Just Jam 2011 semi finals
B-Boy T-Killa v B-Boy Grym
B-Boy Zomas v B-Boy Spin

Just Jam 2011 Finals
B-Boy Zomas v B-Boy T-Killa

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