An educational weekend for street dance teachers organised by The Spread Love Dance Project in collaboration with Foundationz is to take place in Swansea, Wales, this weekend.

The Spread Love Dance Project in conjunction with Zoe Jarvis of Foundationz has planned a bespoke two and a half day conference programme focusing on the edification of hip hop and house dance which aims to enhance the knowledge of teachers who run or teach at local street dance schools, teaching assistants, aspiring teachers and anyone aged 16 or over who wants to learn about street dance styles from a foundation level.

“I am really excited about working on this project, it’s going to be a fun and inspiring weekend,” said Corina Best, founder of The Spread Love Dance Project. “To my knowledge this is the first of its kind in the UK and it is a pre-cursor to many initiatives we have planned to help the progression of street dance in this country.”

The Spread Love Dance Project was set up with the aim to provide street dancers and teachers in the UK with opportunities to access authentic knowledge, education and high level training in street dance styles. Corina devised the Street Dance Teachers Conference schedule and content and will introduce Kashmir Leese who will lead the dance content and shares the same opinions and passion for authentic street dance education.

Corina continued: “We are working to help build solid foundations and straightforward routes to receiving street dance education for the future generations of UK dancers and teachers.”

The Street Dance Teachers Conference programme will cover:

  • Foundational and technique focused dance training classes.
  • Discussions and Q&A sessions to help people to gain an understanding of the history and development of street dance, hip hop culture and the focus dance styles hip hop and house.
  • Showing of documentary films which give context to the creation and development of the focus dance styles.
  • Dance demonstrations.
  • Choreography creation and feedback sessions.
  • Supplementary seminar sessions.
  • Jam/Exchange/Sharing session.

“Foundationz was set up in September 2011 after many years of teaching street dance and witnessing that there was, and still is, a great disparity in what is being taught and passed on to young dancers. This is something which I have also done myself as a teacher,” Zoe Jarvis of Foundationz explained. “I teach on a regular basis and I am very passionate about kids being educated correctly.”

She continued: “I come into contact with many potential street dancers of all ages regularly so I think it’s my responsibility to ensure that my students are genuinely learning about street dance, its origins, history, culture and styles. I also want to reach out to other teachers so that we create a new generation of informed, educated street dancers.”

As part of the conference attendees will receive approximately 20 hours of learning.

“Through educating teachers we will reach numerous students and this is with the help and guidance of Corina and The Spread Love Dance Project.”

The Street Dance Teachers Conference will commence at 7pm on Friday 6 January 2012 and conclude at 7pm on Sunday 8 January at Revue Studios, 8 Castle Square, Swansea, SA1 1DW. Telephone: 01792 643958

There are still limited places available for The Street Dance Teachers Conference. If you are interested in attending all or part of it or would like further information, contact Zoe at