diversity-digitized-storifyDiversity’s Digitized tour, the follow up to Diversitoys finished last week at the Liverpool Echo arena after taking place at 11 cities across the UK.

Below you can find what readers of All Street Dance tweeted about their experience which also include appearances from Boadicea, Theo Mini King of Pop, Chuck (all from previous appearances on Got to Dance), and saxophonist Julian Smith from Britain’s Got Talent.

Diversity Digitized 2012 Tour – What our Twitter followers thought

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What do @allstreetdance readers think of Diversity #Digitized

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From Diversity:
Actually #digitized isn’t over…its just the end of the first chapter…☺Ashley Banjo
#digitized is over! Gotta say it has been an amazing tour. Thanks to all that came watch, I hope yous were entertained. Time to celebrate :)Sam Craske
From readers and followers of All Street Dance:
@allstreetdance #digitized was spectacular, every dance step/movement was perfectly in sync. The choreo was super slick. Defo an A+ show!Kurstaaaaay
@allstreetdance #Digitized was amazing a show Michael Jackson would be proud to watchMathew Nicholls
@allstreetdance Although the overall production was good I did have to tap the ground after seeing a few crashes; slight shame.JustChillén
@allstreetdance It was a really good show, but highlights the simplicity of the general public- they go crazy for a simple back flip…JustChillén
@allstreetdance digitized was AMAZING no … MINDBLOWING! BEST SHOW YET :)DiversitysBiggestFan
@allstreetdance Too much on screen stuffJenny Elizabeth M
@allstreetdance DIGITIZED WAS THE BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! it was the best day of my life, absolutely perfect!Amy DV 
@allstreetdance i did, its was amazing. practised to perfection as always… mind-blowing!jesssss ;p
@allstreetdance it was absolutely amazing! they left me speechless as usual, i cried because I’m so proud of them :’)Phoebe McGuiness
@allstreetdance it was amazing 🙂 best thing ever some of the most entertaining/talent people ever 😀 xxFrankieCocozza_irish
@allstreetdance yes I saw them in Dublin it was mind blowing it was funny and had a really good storyline and the dancing was perfect !!ciara craske flynn
@allstreetdance It was incredible, the best thing I’ve ever seen! The choreography was amazing!Holly.
@allstreetdance #digitized was Inspiring, Funny had an amazing story line and to top it all off the Dancing was Amazing as usual! #ProudOfDVDanni Digit
@allstreetdance I Did! AMAZINGGGG<3Tash Towler
@allstreetdance just outstanding …every finger was in time! The concept was completely mind blowing and sound track was amazing!Hannah May 😀
@allstreetdance #digitized was amazing!:D #weloveyoudv #ProudOfDVMaia ‘Ninja’ Behmber
@allstreetdance Me OMG it was amazing 🙂 #ProudOfDV 🙂 ♥donna mcknight
@allstreetdance it’s incredible to see how far they’ve come on & that level their shows are now at. Very imaginative!Kirsty&Laura
@allstreetdance It was so amazing they get better and better every time I see them xxxeilish goegina Lucy
@allstreetdance yes we went twice, it was the best show we have ever watched! They just get better & better!Kirsty&Laura
@allstreetdance I loved digitized it was AMAZING! I sooo want too go again! Cant wait for the next tour! ♥Mrs Kiely ♥

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@therealashbanjo @Mitch_Craske @Jordan_Banjo @Sam_Craske This is one ticket I’ll never forget!! #digitized ily all!! X http://pic.twitter.com/4EOXLjTTSarah Bradley
very emotional right now. lying in my #digitized top looking through the photos and videos. #ProudOfDV @Diversity_Tweet http://twitpic.com/9ab3htamber bishop
thank you for an amazing night #digitized @Diversity_Tweet xx http://pic.twitter.com/S8Y55E8jAnnie Johnson
It was a friend of @Diversity_Tweet’s, @Theominiking! #Digitized #ProudOfDV http://pic.twitter.com/pP4FnYdLEmma Macedo
@Sam_craske, @therealashbanjo & @Warren_DV #digitized 🙂 http://pic.twitter.com/wNNwEnAYJess Craske
Us girlies being papped by @CapitalOfficial at #digitized :)))) go hard or go home. @Diversity_Tweet http://twitpic.com/99vk21potato.
@mitch_craske wow, i love this photo 😉 #digitized http://pic.twitter.com/pN5cr175Jess Craske
#Diversity in #Dublin We have been #digitized! http://pic.twitter.com/8gdub0zNNiamh
@Charliechuck01 at #digitized hahaha LOVE this! http://pic.twitter.com/ld7II34b~Lauren Craske~
#digitized @realperrikiely Flying! 😉 http://pic.twitter.com/Er0ngWm1~Lauren Craske~
@therealashbanjo At #digitized 😀 http://pic.twitter.com/wbKBK9hN~Lauren Craske~
@jamie_mak_dv Showing us some moves outside the arena hahaha #digitized http://pic.twitter.com/Rc42O1Xy~Lauren Craske~
Me and @bboytwmonster on set filming with sky for #digitized now time for some food 🙂 @TrinityWarriors straiiiight http://pic.twitter.com/BdHk3TtBLing
Could I have a follow/tweet from @jamie_mak_dv #digitized was AMAZING! In Cardiff love you guys #inspired <3 http://pic.twitter.com/D1C9L1amChelsea Free

Diversity is made up of Ashley Banjo, Jordan Banjo, Mitchell Craske, Sam Craske, Ike Ezekwugo, Perri Luc Kiely, Ian McNaughton, Jamie McNaughton, Matthew McNaughton, Warren Russell and Terry Smith