According to several reports in the entertainment press Aston Merrygold of JLS is rumoured to be headhunted as a judge on Got to Dance 2013.

The rumour, which was syndicated from a UK Press Association report (here) claiming that Aston could be optioned as a Got to Dance judge, was repeated across newspapers and online gossip columns citing an unnamed source with a vague quote.

Update: Aston confirmed as Got to Dance judge

“He’ll be able to relate to the contestants as he made his name on a reality talent show himself,” says the syndicated source. “But they will have to wait and see if he’s available first.”

The Press Association is a news syndicate, or a news agency that sells articles to newspapers for publication.

The unsubstantiated rumours, which are unofficial and unconfirmed, don’t clarify whether Aston would become a new judge on the panel, which currently includes dancers Ashley Banjo, Kimberly Wyatt and Adam Garcia, or replace one of the judges from the previous three series. A fourth judge on the panel would result in a male dominated jury for the show.

Other gossip websites note that JLS would also be on tour in 2013 which could potentially clash with Got to Dance filming dates.

While the current three Got to Dance judges are dancers Aston has had no formal dance training with JLS‘ debut single, Beat Again, being the group’s first instance of doing set choreography to music.

In reporting the rumour The Sun has highlighted Aston’s one dance move as a back flip.

Presently auditions for Got to Dance 2013 are taking place across the UK.

No sources were available to comment at time of publishing.

As a non-dancer would Aston Merrygold as a judge on Got to Dance be a good or a bad thing? Would you watch the show because of him? Leave a comment below or tweet us and we’ll publish the best answers!