Red Bull Beat It 2012The dancer line up for the Red Bull Beat It 2012 party dance competition that will take place in Pavilion Champs Elysees in Paris on November 22 was announced recently.

Red Bull Beat it will see 16 street dancers of different styles, 10 of whom French and six international, battle one another in front of a judging panel made up of dancers, actors and personalities.

The Red Bull Beat It battles will follow a track from the hat competition rule where the dancers won’t know what style of music will be played by the DJ to test the dancer’s versatilities.

Video: Red Bull Beat It 2012 (requires JavaScript to play)

The concept for the Red Bull Beat It battles is to refer back to the time when hip hop did not exist and dancers would have to dance to whatever music the DJ played.

The dancers lined up to battle come from different backgrounds of dance from breaking to popping to vogue and locking.

Red Bull Beat It 2012 dancer line up and specialty

All dancers are from France unless otherwise stated

Blondy – popping
Bruce Blanchard (Belgium) – hip hop
Flexum (USA) – breaking
Jeremy Paquet – locking
L-Cubano (Germany) – hip hop
Lady Comfort aka Lil’ Bit (USA) – hip hop
Marie Ninja – vogue
Marie Poppins – popping
Meda – breaking
Melle Lee Za – experimental
Mufasa – hip hop
Pacman (USA) – popping and experimental
Salah – popping
Soria aka Babyson – breaking
Varinn – breaking
Young Steph (Switzerland) – hip hop

Red Bull: Beat It takes place at 9pm at Champs Elysees House, 32 rue Marbeuf, 75008 PARIS 08 on Thursday 22 November 2012. Tickets cost €15 from