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About All Street Dance

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AllStreetDance is a second website to compliment our original street dance magazine project, TooMuchFlavour. Rather than focusing on the selective editorial that has lead to TooMuchFlavour‘s success for street dance, hip hop theatre, beatboxing, live events and more, AllStreetDance will focus soley on an all encompassing aspect of street dance news.

Mission statement
“To rival the editorial output of leading news and entertainment website with a full understanding and angle on street dance.”

How does AllStreetDance define ‘street dance?
Hip hop dance, or street dance as it has come to be known as commercially, has always been an active scene with a solid community.

Street dance is an umbrella term for styles such as hip hop, new style, locking, popping, breaking (breakdance, b-boying or b-girling), and krumping, but in recent years has come to also include other styles which emerged from clubs, such as house, waacking and vogueing. For the sake of presenting a varied website and fresh editorial angle, AllStreetDance also covers these additional styles regardless of where they emerged.

What type of news does AllStreetDance aim to address?
An absolute summary of AllStreetDance is a resource where people can find news and information on street dance, from who’s the guy in the Footlocker ad? to who are the contenders at Red Bull BC One 2010? to detailed results of the B-Boy Championships or who are Twist and Pulse’s booking agent?

What makes AllStreetDance different is you can send us your news. Like most industries, dancing news covers a broad range of areas from events to advertising to TV appearances in many different dance styles, so be sure to see the what is news to us? page for a better idea of news we’re looking for.

AllStreetDance is brought to you by the team behind TooMuchFlavour. The same way TooMuchFlavour is constantly developing, AllStreetDance is also finding its character.

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4 Responses

  1. hey i/we the GhoztWalkaz Dance Crew members from grenada need some help, you can contact me @¬†¬†or +14735347454 thanks…

  2. there is only one world champion. achieved lifetime status in 1984. de facto. no comp. needed. inventor of street. the legend that is johnny t. and until i die, no one can ever be world champion. you think what you are doing is new? think again. i was doing it all in 1984. as was my friend, paul hubby, and the oxford crew. we led the way where all you follow. now dont you go forgetting us pioneers will you?

  3. U think you may find a lot of people will argue that one, in fact im going to post this to carazy legs and papo luv see what they got say about your Johnny t inventing streetdance

  4. oh and funny how johnny t or the oxford crew are not any website apart from this one, yet if you put in names like basil pepperpot, the underdogs, darren 4dee ford you find them straight away and they are UK based and all pioneers… If this is true then we challenge you to a throwdown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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