Unified Dance Showcase 2010 logoAlter Ego Dance Company is preparing for its annual Unified Dance Showcase this weekend. The showcase will consist of over 40 performances across two nights at The Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar.

“Alter Ego decided to create a dance showcase aiming to unify the dance community,” said Brendon Hansford, director of Alter Ego Dance.

Video: Unified Dance Showcase 2010 promo (YouTube)

The concept for the Unified Dance Showcase was inspired by the annual Stylefest weekender event based at Stratford Circus, part of East London Dance‘s Dance Currents season which brings together dancers from across London for discussions, workshops and battles.

“By putting on this show we are hoping to build bridges with other companies and help others to do the same, helping towards developing a strong dance community who support each other,” he continued.

Along with in-house showcases by Alter Ego Varsity, Adults, the Alter Ego Contemporary company and summer school students, established acts such as Birdgang, Ruby Girls and Surge will perform alongside local colleges. The evenings will also include performances from vocalists Courtney Ellis, Jody Lei and more.

In the past, Brendon documented the renovation of the new Alter Ego studios in Welwyn Garden City by filming the progress and posting the videos as daily episodes on their YouTube channel.

Dance Unified line up

Friday 13 August
Xplosion babies
RTDance Junior Crew
Summer School juniors
WGC School of Dance
The Academy
Hertsmere Academy
Escape Dance Company
Katie Owen
Conor Walker
Malachi Lewis
Alter Ego Juniors
Summer School Juniors
Summer School Beginners
RTDance Youth
Dance Design
West Herts College
Xplosion Youth
Living the Dream
Alter Ego Varsity Crew
Lauren Osborn

Saturday 14 August
Unseen Shadows
RTdance Adult Crew
Living the Dream
Summer School Advanced
Unseen Shadows
Stacey Pole (Pole Dancers)
Alter Ego Adult Crew
Courtney Ellis
James Painting + Arthur ‘UncleA’
Alter Ego Contemporary Company
Ruby Girls
A Piece Called ‘Dark Ecstasy’
Jody Lei