The Movement Factory, the umbrella name for Bruk Out Entertainment, is launching three new dance academies in Dulwich, Sutton and Croydon for young people to develop their dancing abilities.

Debbie Moore OBE, founder of Pineapple Dance studios will officially open the Hip Hop Skool at Croydon Fairfield Halls.

Under the supervision of Debbie Moore, Bruk Out rebranded as The Movement Factory after a Community Channel documentary.

The new Hip Hop Skools will teach students about the origins of street dance and learn a range of styles from basic street dance to breaking, popping, locking and krumping.

They will also learn a range of performance skills, including stage presence, facial expressions, body language and character portrayal to prepare them as they move up the performing arts career ladder.

Students will be taught by some of the leading figures of street dance in the UK today, and will also get the chance to compete in many upcoming shows, as well as the chance to headline the two annual The Movement Factory dance shows, Get it on the Floor and Keep It Moving.

The Hip Hop Skool launch event takes place on Saturday 22 January from 1-3pm at Croydon Fairfield Halls.