Recent Twitter updates by George Sampson may reveal hints to the plot of Streetdance 2, hinting possible appearances from B-Boy Junior, Les Twins and Pockemon Crew.

“Not long now to start rehearsals on Street Dance 2… I think some have already started, the dancing is gonna be amazing” he tweeted. “The casting in France, you’re talking B-Boy Junior, been watchin him on YouTube in time! Pockemon Crew and Les Twins they’re just outstanding.”

The French hip hop duet Les Twins was recently the winners of Juste Debout 2011 in the hip hop category, while B-Boy Junior is one of the most watched b-boys on YouTube ever.

The sequel to Streetdance 3D has been filming since 14 March. Although the actors playing the lead role have not been announced, the names Ash and Eva have been confirmed in an early casting call for Streetdance 2.

Other rumours include a larger part for Ashley Banjo, with George Sampson and Akai being recast despite the further rumours that the storyline is loosely related to the first film.

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