Further details about the lead characters for the Streetdance film sequel have been hinted at today in a casting call issued by Vertigo Films.

An early Streetdance sequel casting call in August hinted at early character details the story required dancers experienced in Latin styles.

The latest casting call seeks the ‘new Channing Tatum’ for its male lead character, Ash, while the requirement of Eva has broadened from brunette and ‘a Latin looking beauty’ to ‘all ethnicities.’

Sources close to the movie can reveal the sequel will be set in a different location and a different time to the original film.

Streetdance sequel casting call

Male Lead, Caucasian, 18 to 25.
Seeking the new Channing Tatum
In need of a Fantastic freestyle dancer, with some great acting chops!!

Female Lead.
All Ethnicities, 18 to 25.
Seeking a smart, sassy, and smokin’ hot lead female with amazing freestyle dance moves.

Casting call source

Streetdance sequel synopsis

Two young dancers, from clearly two different worlds, come together, to learn and grow into each others dance styles, together battling it out in one today’s toughest dance competitions ever.

The film begins shooting in the UK on March 14 over the course of 16 weeks.