The winners of the Juste Debout 2012 World Finals have been announced and can be found here!

Battle categories for Juste Debout Steez 2012 at the Bercy Stadium in Paris included Hip Hop, House, Locking, Popping, Experimental and Toprock, plus a B-Boy Dedication battle.

A full break down of bracketed results can be found below. Where a draw is called and a balanced score is given, a head judge for that category counts as two votes towards one side. Countries show in brackets may also be where that duet qualified and not necessarily the country they represent – please leave any corrections in the comment box below.

Juste Debout 2012 World Finals: Hip Hop results

Kyoka and Maiki (Japan) v Salas and Ben (France) 1-3

Juste Debout 2012 World Finals: Popping results

Poppin J and Crazy Kyo v Monster Pop and Venom 3-1

Juste Debout 2012 World Finals: Locking results

Ducky and Jay v Markus and Alex A Train

Juste Debout 2012 World Finals: House results

Mamson and Babson v Serge and Kapela 2-2

Juste Debout 2012 World Finals: Toprock results

Samo (USA) v Jo Sango (France) 2-1

Juste Debout 2012 World Finals: Experimental results

Winner: Drosha

Competitors: Ismaera (Japan), Android (Canada), Ruth (Spain), Bruce Blanchard (Finland), Drosha (Netherlands), Jojo (Ireland), Giallo (Italy), Teddy (UK) Slyde (France), Link (France)

Juste Debout B-Boy Dedication winners

B-Boy Lil Kev and B-Boy Abdul

Juste Debout 2012 International tour and dates

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** denotes new countries added to the 2012 edition of Juste Debout