The SDK Europe 2012 qualifiers took place in London for the second year at the Macadam Building at King’s College in London on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 April, organised by Supermalcom.

Results for Sunday can be found below.

The winners of SDK UK qualify for the the SDK Europe world finals in the Czech Republic and win free classes and free accomodation in the VIP zone at the camp.

The SDK UK 2012 winners were: Marcio in male hip hop, Anissa in female hip hop, Brooke in both locking and popping, AC in house, Big Realz in krumping, Chasseur de Prime in breaking and Team Beast Mode in mixed crews.

SDK Europe is a world street dance camp that takes place in Jedovnice, Czech Republic. The event brings together international dancers from the USA, Japan and France, choreographers for hip hop and pop singer stars and winners of the best dance battles and competitions from around the world.

SDK UK 2012 Results

The results for SDK UK 2012 results have been published below and include the bracketed winners in male and female hip hop, locking, popping, krump, breaking and mixed crew battles.

Winners of each category are highlighted in bold. Please notify us if you notice any discrepancies or misspellings by commenting in the box below the article.

SDK UK Hip Hop Male battle results

Quarter final
Kashmir v Arnie
Marcio v Dani
Saul v Willis
Talent v Oulouy

Semi finals
Arnie v Marcio
Willis v Talent

Marcio v Talent

SDK UK Hip Hop Female battle results

Quarter finals
Anissa v Maya
Dasha v Diva J
Natalie v Anais
Lil K v April

Semi finals
Anissa v Dasha
Natalie v April

Anissa v April

SDK UK house dance results

AC v Dasha

SDK UK popping results

Quarter finals
Mo v Mechanikool
Brooke v Shawn
Marvel v Aarond
Faye v Frankie

Semi finals
Mo v Brooke
Marvel v Faye

Brooke v Marvel

SDK UK locking results

Semi finals
Diva J v Tomo
Pop C v Brooke

Diva J v Brooke

SDK UK krumping results

Big Realz v Dominant

SDK UK 3v3 breaking results

Semi finals
MDK v Soul Superior
Chasseur De Prime v Odd Socks

Chasseur De Prime v MDK

SDK UK 5v5 crew results

Semi Finals
Like Bounce v Unexpected
Team Beast Smoke v Basinga

Unexpected v Team Beast Mode