The SDK Europe 2012 street dance battles took place last night in Jedovnice, Czech Republic, with international winners in hip hop, house locking, krumping, popping and crew battles.

Winners include Prototype Crew from the UK, crew battle winners, the 2011 UK champions and finalists in the forthcoming Jump Off street dance battles finals.

SDK Europe 2012 international street dance battle winners

SDK Europe crew battle winners: Prototype Crew (UK)
SDK Europe hip hop male winner: Majid
SDK Europe hip hop female winner: Muffassa
SDK Europe krump winner: Straight Danger
SDK Europe house winner: Hiro
SDK Europe locking winner: Kenzo

Video: SDK Europe 2012 teaser

The SDK UK 2012 qualifier for the world finals took place in London in April organised by Supermalcom, part of an international qualifier tour across Europe throughout April and May.

Winners of the 12 European preliminaries won a place in the world finals as well as tickets to the workshops, free accomodation and access to the VIP zone at the street dance camp.

SDK Europe (Street Dance Kemp) is a world street dance camp that takes place annually in Jedovnice, Czech Republic. The event has been running since 2004, bringing together international dancers from the USA, Japan and France, choreographers for hip hop and pop singer stars and winners of the best dance battles and competitions from around the world.