Platform One idanceiDance is calling for submissions for platformONE, an international choreographic showcase of urban theatrical dance (‘hip hop theatre’) with a £1,000 grand prize taking place on 9 June.

platformONE is a unique event in which dancers and choreographers explore their creativity in a showcase featuring urban and contemporary dance in “a competition of ideas” where the vision and creativity of the choreographer takes centre stage.

The goal of platformONE is is to help street dance choreographers find a ‘platform’ to explore choreographic ideas in a theatrical setting allowing choreographers the freedom to choose their desired styles to present their work with an almost complete absence of rules, requirements, or choreographic restrictions.

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Groups interested in entering are encouraged to enter platformONE by either one of two ways: Submit for a Choreographic Prize at £12, guaranteeing eligibility for the prize money, or as a showcase performance only.

Since its inception, platformONE has hosted some of the leading dance talent in the UK, including two time Hip Hop International champions Plague, Peridot, SIN Cru, Nemisis, Dance Nuvo, Smash Bro’z and more.

platformONE will take place at Watford Palace Theatre, Watford, Hertfordshire, on Saturday 9 June 2012 at 7:00pm. Tickets are £12 in advance or £10 concessions

Video: platformONE Plague performance

Additional platformONE information

Chosen groups for platformONE are expected to:

  • Be present for a technical rehearsal June 9th 2012 during the day. All dancers will be required for this.
  • Be available to perform Saturday June 9th  2012  at the Palace Theatre Watford.
  • Provide their own transport to and from the theatre and to cover any attached costs.
  • Note that there are no financial obligations for either party with regard to this performance.

iDance is a national leader in street dance education and training based in Watford, Hertfordshire in the UK, run by platformONE creator Omar Paloma.