The UK B-Boy Championships 2012 knockout rounds took place today at the Islington Academy, London, to decide which solo dancers qualified for the world finals on Sunday.

Knockout qualifiers took place in popping, solo b-boy, and the newly added hip hop category up until the semi final bracket.

The remaining battle stages will take place at the world finals on Sunday alongside the top eight b-boy crew battles.

Update: Find out the UK B-Boy Championships 2012 winners here!

The winner of the IBE seven to smoke qualifier was B-Boy Issei and B-Boy Jeremy winning footworks (results provided by B-Boy Magic)

UK BBoy Championships 2012 knockout results

Winners are highlighted in bold

Hip hop
Marika (Finland) v Nickel (France)
Marcio (UK) v Kefton (France)
Majid (Germany) v Nala (France)
Beast (France) v Mufasa (France)

Semi finals line up (continued on Sunday)
Nickel v Kefton
Nala v Mufasa

Solo b-boy
B-Boy Victor v B-Boy Morris
B-Boy Niek v B-Boy Hill
B-Boy Spin v B-Boy Moy
B-Boy Sunni v B-Boy Kareem

Semi finals line up (continued on Sunday)
B-Boy Morris v B-Boy Niek
B-Boy Moy v B-Boy Kareem

Boogaloo Kin (Korea) v Brooke (UK)
Creesto (France) v Sacha (France)
Gator (France) v Marvel (UK)
Greenteck (Canada) v Cintia (France)

Semi finals line up (continued Sunday)
Brooke v Creesto
Gator v Greenteck

UK BBoy Championships

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The UK B-Boy Championships is an annual b-boy (breakdance) battle starring the world’s best breakers and poppers battle at the world finals at the Brixton Academy, London.

The competition’s biggest attraction is its b-boy crew battles with Vagabond Crew becoming the UK B-Boy Championships 2011 world champions.

The 17th Annual B-Boy Championships World Finals takes place on Sunday 14 October at the O2 Academy Brixton (world finals)