Jinjo Crew of Korea is the world crew champions of the UK B-Boy Championships 2012 world finals today at the Brixton Academy in London.

They defeated Found Nation of Japan in the semi finals to face Soul Mavericks of the UK in the finals where they emerged winners.

Solo b-boy champion was Kareem against Niek in the final, the former having defeated Moy in the semi finals.

Greenteck won the popping against Brooke in the final as a result of defeating Gator in the semis and Mufasa emerged as winner in the hip hop battles.

Battle videos for the final rounds will be available online soon.

UK BBoy Championships 2012 World Finals results and winners

Winners are highlighed in bold with scores according to how many judges voted for or against them.

Video: Soul Mavericks v Jinjo Crew (crew finals)

Crews battle results
Team Scmetta (Belgium) v Found Nation (Japan) 0-3
Dead Prezz (Greece) v Jinjo (Korea) 0-3
Soul Meezy (UK and US) v Havikoro (USA) 2-1
Soul Mavericks (UK) v Arcopom (Spain) 2-1

Semi finals
Found Nation v Jinjo Crew 0-3
Havikoro v Soul Mavericks 1-2

Jinjo Crew v Soul Mavericks

Video: Mufasa v Kefton (hip hop freestyle final)

Hip hop
Knockout brackets
Marika (Finland) v Nickel (France)
Marcio (UK) v Kefton (France)
Majid (Germany) v Nala (France)
Beast (France) v Mufasa (France)

Semi finals line up
Nickel v Kefton 0-3
Nala v Mufasa

Mufasa v Kefton

Video: Niek v Kareem (solo b-boy finals)

Solo b-boy
Knockout brackets
B-Boy Victor v B-Boy Morris
B-Boy Niek v B-Boy Hill
B-Boy Spin v B-Boy Moy
B-Boy Sunni v B-Boy Kareem

Semi finals line up
B-Boy Morris v B-Boy Niek 1-2
B-Boy Moy v B-Boy Kareem 0-3 (tiebreak)

B-Boy Niek v B-Boy Kareem

Video: Brooke v Greenteck (popping final)

Knockout brackets
Boogaloo Kin (Korea) v Brooke (UK)
Creesto (France) v Sacha (France)
Gator (France) v Marvel (UK)
Greenteck (Canada) v Cintia (France)

Semi finals line up
Brooke v Creesto 0-2
Gator v Greenteck 0-3

Brooke v Greenteck