battle of the year 2012 world finals resultsVagabond Crew of France are the winners of Battle of the Year 2012 crew battles that took place tonight in Montpellier, France.

Their victory makes them three times winner of Battle of the Year overall and champions for the second year in a row.

vagabond crew battle of the year 2012 winner zooom at bergermarkus

B-Boy Niek, one of the Battle of the Year 2013 judges, commented on their win: “It’s well deserved. You could see the difference in the quality of their show. It really stood out. And they didn’t make any mistakes in the final battle.”

Morning of Owl of Korea, Formosa of Taiwan, Flooriorz of Japan and Vagabond Crew of France qualified for a top four place while Vagabond Crew of France and Flooriorz of Japan were selected to go straight through as semi finalists.

Following Battle of the Year’s decision to impliment a new semi finals format structure, this year six b-boy crews qualified following the showcase performances with two going straight to the semi finals and four others battling for the second semi final bracket.

Thomas Hergenröther, organiser of Battle of the Year, said: “Hip-hop is all about the battles. It’s what the guys want to do and what the fans love to watch. Having six makes it much more interesting!”

Flooriorz of Japan and Vagabond Crew of France were the two top scoring crews in the showcase rounds.

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vagabond crew battle of the year 2012 best show zooom at bergermarkus

The Battle of the Year judges were: B-Boy Neguin (Brasil), B-Boy Storm (Germany), B-Boy Lamine (France), B-Boy Niek (Holland), B-Boy Roxrite (USA).

Battle of the Year 2012 World Finals battle results

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Winners of each round are highlighted in bold

Semi final placers
Morning of Owl (Korea) v Formosa Crew (Taiwan)
De Klan (Italy) v Pockemon Crew (France)

Semi finals
Morning of Owl v Flooriorz (Japan)
Pockemon Crew v Vagabond Crew (France)

Flooriorz v Vagabond Crew

About Battle of the Year

Battle of the Year, also referred to as BOTY, is an annual international b-boying series that began in 1990. In the past BOTY world finals were held at the Volkswagenhalle in Braunschweig, Germany until 2009 when event moved to Montpellier, France.

Organisers also played a part in the production of the forthcoming BOTY movie, Battle of the Year: Dream Team which will be released in cinemas internationally next year.