Diversity’s fitness DVD has been renamed to Diversity: Dance Fitness Fusion from its original title, Diversity: Street Dance Workout, as revealed in September.

The DVD cover has also been revealed, replacing the original holding image with the actual artwork.

Diversity: Dance Fitness Fusion DVD description

Hi we’re Diversity and this is Dance. Fitness. Fusion.

We’ve taken influences from the many styles of street dance we’ve learned along the way and applied them to create the ultimate Diversity DVD!

This double-disc DVD contains two different programmes. The first focuses on fitness with a dance inspired workout designed to get you fit the Diversity way. You can have fun with us, get an insight into different styles of street dance, learn how we put our routines together and get fit all at the same time!

The second programme gives you something special, a direct link into the world of Diversity. An exclusive routine from our tour which we’re gonna break down just for you and show you how it’s put together step by step. A Diversity masterclass in your own living room!

So put on your dancing shoes and step straight into our world.

The Street Dance Workout DVD will include six 10 minute routines focussing on the fitness aspects of street dance which form a full length routine.

The Diversity: Dance Fitness Fusion DVD is released on 29 November and also comes with a second DVD including behind-the-scenes videos of Diversity on tour.

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