Co-thkoo is the winner in popping at Juste Debout 2011 at Bercy, Paris.

Popping G & Crazy Kyo came second, while Sonia & Farah and J Smooth and Kid Boogie were runners up.

Dickson and Brooke Milliner, finalists at Juste Debout UK 2011 made it to the quarter finals before being defeated by Sonia and Farah.

Juste Debout 2011 Paris popping winners and results

Quarter finals
Co-thkoo vs Spazm & Baby Bang
J Smooth & Kid Boogie vs Poppin C & Poppin Scream
Dickson & Brooke vs Sonia & Farah
Poppin G & Krazy Kyo vs Marabout & Blondie

Semi finals
Popping G & Crazy Kyo vs Sonia & Farah
Co-thkoo vs J Smooth & Kid Boogie

Popping G & Crazy Kyo vs Co-thkoo

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