These are the results for the UK B-Boy Championships 2011 knock out jam at the Islington Academy, London.

B-Boy Sunni, B-Boy Lil G, B-Boy Hong 10 and B-Boy Morris are through to the UK B-Boy Championships World Finals tomorrow at the Brixton Academy in the solo b-boy category, while Kite, Bruce, Greenteck and Gator are finalists in the popping category.

For the UK B-Boy Championships 2011 World Finals results see here.

The Bonnie and Clyde (a mixed two-on-two battle) winners were B-Boy Roxy and B-Boy Excite, and the Notorious IBE footwork battle goes to Meen 187 and the seven to smoke title was won by B-Boy Walle

UK BBoy Championships 2011 Knockout Jam – Results

Solo b-boy battles
Top 16
B-Boy 2Goo, B-Boy DereLeek, B-Boy Dr Hefo, B-Boy Flex Holik, B-Boy Gravity, B-Boy Hong 10, B-Boy Kirill, B-Boy Lil G, B-Boy Minnesota Joe, B-Boy Morris, B-Boy Roxrite, B-Boy Salo, B-Boy Sky Chief, B-Boy Spin, B-Boy Sunni, B-Boy Trickx

Quarter finals
B-Boy Minnesota Joe v B-Boy Lil G
B-Boy Sunni v B-Boy Hong 10
B-Boy Kirill v B-Boy Skychief
B-Boy Salo v B-Boy Morris

Top 16
2Face, Bionic, Bruce, Cintia, Franqey, Gator, Greenteck, Jon Boogz, Kite, Marvel, Mechanikool P, Nelson, Pop Kun, Poppin C, Slim Boogie, Tesme

Quarter finals
Bionic v x Kite
Pop Kun v Bruce
Greenteck v Gator
Nelson v Slim Boogie