Vagabonds are double world champions at the UK B-Boy Championships 2011 at Brixton Academy.

They defeated Found Nation in the semi finals to defeat Jinjo in the finals.

Morris takes the solo b-boy title for the second time since winning in 2009, while Kite is the solo popping world champion.

See the Saturday Knockout Jam results here and see which of the dancers didn’t make it.

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The chief rocker award went to Vince of Vagabonds.

UK BBoy Championships 2011 World Finals – results

The crews: Dynamic Rockers, Found Nation, Illusion of Exist, Jinjo Crew, La Smala Crew, Rugged Solutions, Soul Mavericks, Vagabonds Crew

B-boy crew quarter finals
Vagabonds v Rugged Solutions 3-2
Found Nation v Power Moves Conspiracy (Illusion of Exist/All Stars) 3-2
Jinjo v La Smala
Soul Mavericks v Dynamic Rockers

Semi finals
Vagabonds v Found Nation
Jinjo v Soul Mavericks

Jinjo v Vagabonds

Solo b-boy semi finals
B-Boy Lil G v B-Boy Sunni
B-Boy Skychief v B-Boy Morris

B-Boy Sunni v B-Boy Morris

Popping semi finals
Kite v Bruce 1-XX
Greenteck v Nelson 0-3

Kite v Nelson