Battle of the Year (BOTY) has announced it is to invest donations given by Battle of the Year France and Germany in the African b-boy scene after its annual general meeting.

Battle of the Year, also referred to as BOTY, is an annual international b-boying series that takes place in Montpellier, France.

The budget aims to send Battle of the Year representatives to Africa to build foundations for the local scenes to build and improve relations with governments and other institutions in order to gain support for local projects and will be also used to teach workshops focused on mainly dancing with a scope to include teaching practical skills such as networking.

Battle of the Year has outlined its focus on the countries of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Madagascar, Senegal and Uganda.

The BOTY committee decided to start with these countries for their existing contacts with local scene partners and the government or other institutions such as Goethe Institute, Institute Francais or the British Council.

Battle of the Year plans to pitch to local partners and event organisers and formulate partnerships in order to draft up a schedule and budget how to invest effectively and plan the best course of action.

The initative is similar to Breakdance Project Uganda which sends b-boys such as Crazy Legs to teach local communities how to b-boy.

As opposed to holding a single national African Battle of the Year, individual countries on the continent will still be eligible to hold a BOTY qualifier where the winning crew from every BOTY qualifier gets the right to battle at the finals.

An official Battle of the Year Africa will be held in Montpellier a week before the Grand Finals on 17 November 2012 where winner(s) gets the right to join the Braun BOTY Finals.

No plans for a Battle of the Year UK 2012 qualifier have been announced.