Street Dance 2 3D, the sequel to the 2010 movie Street Dance 3D is released this weekend (Friday 30 March) in cinemas across the UK, distributed by Vertigo Films.

Below is a selection of reviews for Street Dance 2 3D from British newspapers, magazines, and leading online critics, plus star ratings and short extracts.

Of the selection of reviews ratings hover around three out of five stars with most critics highlighting the storyline, plot gaps and its choice of international locations for a British film as its downfall.

Update: Street Dance 2 makes £600,000 on opening weekend, sequel earns only a quarter of first movie

The Sun was the most positive, awarding three out of five stars and calling it “enjoyable cheese if street dancing is your thing” while The Independent was the most critical, awarding one star and criticising the supporting cast of dancers as actors.

Street Dance 2 3D reviews

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Too Much Flavour
It is satisfying to see Akai given a bigger part after his cameo was squeezed into the first film. Something in me wishes they had dispensed with this film and made the one about how Akai got to be so good, his lines are perfectly delivered and his dancing delights. Perhaps the next Street Dance movie needs to focus on the next generation because this current move certainly doesn’t seem to have the level of box office appeal that made the original such a hit.
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Digital Spy 2/5
There’s evidently a big audience for a movie like this, so it’s a shame that the filmmakers aren’t ambitious enough to step outside of the dance genre’s well-worn cliches. The only thing striking about StreetDance 2 is its mediocrity.
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Empire 2/5
There’s nothing to make this feel European rather than generically American bar the scenery. Perhaps this is a grab at the US market, but it would have done better to stick with some authentic local flavour to set itself apart.
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The Guardian 3/5
There are no great surprises, although they need some new choreographical ideas for those various poses of incredulous scorn and contempt while the opponents are dancing.
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The Independent 1/5
If the cast’s acting were even a tenth as good as their dancing, all might be well. As it is, every time one of them speaks it’s pure agony on the ears. They can’t even stare convincingly.
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The Sun 3/5
While the story is pure cheese, it’s enjoyable cheese. If streetdance is your thing, this will go down a treat.
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The Telegraph 3/5
A new emphasis on Latin dance means the choreography is often stomach-flutteringly seductive, but it’s hard not to regret the loss of the first film’s uniquely British flavour. The script, plot and acting are all dance-movie standard, which is to say they’re hideous.
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Time Out 2/5
Aside from a few comic set-pieces and routine romance, the focus is squarely on the dancing, which looks pretty impressive in 3D.
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Total Film 2/5
The homegrown appeal of StreetDance gets lost in a sequel with one foot across the pond, the other over the channel. At least the writer’s English.
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StreetDance 2 3D – cast and character names

Falk Hentschel as Ash
Sofia Boutella as Eva
George Sampson as Eddie
Akai as Junior
Lil Steph (Stephanie Nguyen) as Steph
Dey Dey (Delphine Nguyen) as Yo Yo
B-Boy Lilou (Ali Ramdani) as Ali
B-Boy Niek (Niek Traa) as Legend
B-Boy Skorpion (Brice Larrieu) as Skorpion
B-Boy Sambo as Tino
Dedson (Ndedi Ma-Sellu) as Killa
Betty Style as Bam Bam
Kite as Terrabyte
Flawless (The Surge)

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