Vagabonds are Sony Ericsson UK B-Boy Championships world crew champions 2010.

The French b-boy squad defeated 2008’s champions, Top 9 from Russia, in a hotly contested final.

Top 9 defeated Japan’s Found Nation in the quarter finals, then America’s Dynamic Rockers in the semi finals, meeting Vagabonds who defeated Brazil’s Amazon Crew and UK’s Soul Mavericks for a place in the finals.

B-boy crew results

Winning crews are highlighted in bold with the judge’s votes show next to the crew names.

Vagabonds v Amazon Crew 5-0
Mighty Zulu Kingz v Soul Mavericks2-3
Extraordinary Gentlemen v Dynamic Rockers 0-5
Top 9 v Found Nation 3-2

Semi finals
Vagabonds v Soul Mavericks
Top 9 v Dynamic Rockers 4-1

Vagabonds v Top 9