B-Boy El Nino is Red Bull BC One Chicago 2011 champion, a week after becoming World B-Boy Classic champion with Hurricane Ray.

The Red Bull BC One Chicago qualifiers at the Aragon Ballroom was judged by Ronnie, Lego, Roxrite, Moy and Wicked where 16 b-boys from across America battled for a place in the finals.

Video: El Niño vs Vicious Victor – Final Battle – Red Bull BC One Chicago 2011

Red Bull BC One is an annual one-on-one b-boy battle for 16 of the world’s most elite and unique b-boys, held in a different city every year. Last year the Red Bull BC One 2010 finals saw Neguin crowned as champion.

El Nino progresses to the Red Bull BC One 2011 finals held in Moscow, Russia, in November.

Full results for the battles can be found below.

Red Bull BC One Chicago 2011 results

Winners are highlighted in bold. Scores correspond to how many votes out of five each dancer received. An X is an undecided vote.

Puzzles v Keebz 2-3
Viscious Victor v Gravity 3-2
Kareem v Morris 4-1
MN Joe v Frankie 5-0
ATN v Evol 4-1
El Nino v Kid Glyde 5-0
Toyz Are Us v Palmer 5-0
Nasty Ray v Mijo 3-x-1

Quarter final
Keebz v Vicious Victor 2-3
Kareem v MN Joe 3-x-1
El Nino v ATN 5-0
Toyz Are Us vs Nasty Ray 3-2

Semi final
Vicious Victor v Kareem 3-2
Toyz Are Us v El Nino 2-x-x-1

El Nino v Vicious Victor 5-0

Scores source: Red Bull BC One/Strife.tv