Red Bull has announced the full b-boy line up for the Red Bull BC One 2011 finals taking place in Moscow, Russia, on 26 November.

The line up of 16 b-boys, a mix of qualified breakers from the regional heats and specially selected dancers includes B-Boy El Nino from Red Bull BC One Chicago qualifier, B-Boy Lil G and B-Boy Taisuke of the Red Bull BC One Brazil and Taiwan qualifiers respectively, and B-Boy Morris, UK B-Boy Championships 2011 solo champion.

DJ Renegade has been announced as the battle DJ.

Red Bull BC One is an annual one-on-one b-boy battle for 16 of the world’s most elite and unique b-boys held in a different city every year. Last year B-Boy Neguin won Red Bull BC One 2010 defeating B-Boy Niek (formerly B-Boy Just Do It) in the finals in Japan.

Video: Neguin v Just Do It – Red Bull BC One Tokyo 2010 (YouTube)

It was also revealed earlier this week that Red Bull BC One content is planned for the Nintendo 3DS console.

Red Bull BC One 2011 Russia – b-boys

B-Boy Hong 10 (Drifters Crew) – Korea
B-Boy El Nino (Floorlords / Flava Squad / Boogie Bratz / The Squadron) – USA
B-Boy Flying Buddha (Top 9 / Mighty Zulu Kingz) – Russia
B-Boy Lagaet (Momentum Crew) – Portugal
B-Boy Taisuke (All Area Crew)– Japan
B-Boy Lil G (Speedy Angels) – Venezuela
B-Boy Neguin (Tsunami Allstars) – Brazil
B-Boy Niek (Rugged Solutions) – Holland
B-Boy Roxrite (Renegades / Break Disciples / Squadron) – USA
B-Boy Yan the Shrimp (All The Most) – Russia
B-Boy Soso (Melting Force) – France
B-Boy Vero (Jinjo Crew) – Korea
B-Boy Morris (Fallen Kings) – USA
B-Boy Salo (Flying Legs Crew/Aborigenes de Venezuela) – Venezuela
B-Boy 3T (Big Toe Crew) – Vietnam
B-Boy Mounir (Vagabonds) – France

Red Bull BC One 2011 Russia – Judges

B-Boy Machine – USA
B-Boy Wing – Korea
B-Boy Lamine – France
B-Boy Bootuz – Russia
B-Boy Pélézinho – Brazil

Red Bull BC One – related results

B-Boy Lilou is Red Bull BC One winner 2009
B-Boy Neguin is Red Bull BC One champion 2010
B-Boy Armstrong is Red Bull BC One UK 2011 champion