B-Boy Just Do It has won the seven to smoke solo b-boy battle at The Notorious IBE 2011 in Heerlen, Netherlands.

The seven to smoke battle was a battle concept curated in Rotterdam by the crew Got Skillz and 010 BBoyz where eight b-boys must line up and battle each other one by one. The dancer that defeats seven b-boys in succession or has won the most rounds after the time is up emerges as the winner.

Video: Seven to Smoke battle at IBE 2011 (YouTube)

Seven to Smoke battle – Notorious IBE 2011

Winner:  B-Boy Just Do It

B-Boy Euroski
B-Boy Born
B-Boy Neguin
B-Boy Venum
B-Boy Storm

B-Boy Gravity
B-Boy Airdit
B-Boy Just Do It
B-Boy Gato
B-Boy Blue
B-Boy Lamine
B-Boy Hurts
B-Boy Morris