On Saturday 26 November Moscow will become the world capital of b-boying when an audience of over 2,000 spectators cram into the arena of the Old Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard to witness 16 of the best b-boys battle to be crowned the winner at Red Bull BC One 2011.

Red Bull BC One 2011 Russia steps (Thijn van der Linden)

The 16 competitors from 10 nations arrived and took a trip through the city, heading to a secret bunker at the Cold War Museum, located 18 floors beneath the ground in the center of Moscow. In the past, this 75,000 square foot facility buried 200 feet underground was known as the Tagansky Underground Command Center. Built in 1951, it worked as the command post and the main communication artery for the Soviet Union in the event of a nuclear war.

Video: Red Bull BC One 2011 B-Boys arrive in Russia

This week it served as the ultimate playground as the b-boys explored the tunnels and challenged each other to some surprise dance battles, the Moscow Metro rattling in higher tunnels above their heads filling the concrete passageways with groaning noisy sounds.

Red Bull BC One 2011 Russia bunker cypher (Nika Kramer)Red Bull BC One 2011 Russia bunker cypher Nika Kramer

At this point, the b-boys are 16 friends exploring the city, but come Saturday they will be competitors battling for the title of Red Bull BC One champion – the most important title a b-boy can win. They will compete in knock-out battles, judged by a jury of five internationally renowned b-boys. To win the title, they will need to utilize a mix of stamina, strategy, musicality, versatility and willpower.

The Red Bull BC One 2010 champion, Neguin from Brazil is aiming to defend his title and many experts say he stands a good chance of succeeding.

Other favorites for the title include B-Boy Hong 10 from Korea, champion of 2006 who also would love to be crowned a second time and local hero Flying Buddha, who feels he has to take the title for his country and peers.

Red Bull BC One 2011 Russia BBoy Neguin (Nika Kramer)Red Bull BC One 2011 Russia BBoy Morris Nika Kramer

“I am really happy the event is in Russia this year! I mean it was great when I battled in the Red Bull BC One in New York, the birthplace of Hip Hop, in 2009, but this year, it’s on MY turf!” said Flying Buddha. “My people will be here to cheer me on and that will give me crazy energy!”

Russia has a lively B-Boy scene. Dancers like Flying Buddha, Yan the Shrimp, and Bootuz, who will be one of the 5 judges, are part of a scene that is now globally recognised, while Russian crews like Top 9 and Predatorz are legendary.

While entry into the main event proved to be one of the hottest tickets in a very cold Moscow winter, you can still catch all the action from wherever you are in the World, by logging in on www.redbullbcone.com and watching the live stream.

Red Bull BC One 2011 Russia BBoy Niek/Just Do It (Thijn van der Linden)

Red Bull BC One 2011 Russia – b-boys

B-Boy Hong 10 (Drifters Crew) – Korea
B-Boy El Nino (Floorlords / Flava Squad / Boogie Bratz / The Squadron) – USA
B-Boy Flying Buddha (Top 9 / Mighty Zulu Kingz) – Russia
B-Boy Lagaet (Momentum Crew) – Portugal
B-Boy Taisuke (All Area Crew)– Japan
B-Boy Lil G (Speedy Angels) – Venezuela
B-Boy Neguin (Tsunami Allstars) – Brazil
B-Boy Niek (Rugged Solutions) – Holland
B-Boy Roxrite (Renegades / Break Disciples / Squadron) – USA
B-Boy Yan the Shrimp (All The Most) – Russia
B-Boy Soso (Melting Force) – France
B-Boy Vero (Jinjo Crew) – Korea
B-Boy Morris (Fallen Kings) – USA
B-Boy Salo (Flying Legs Crew/Aborigenes de Venezuela) – Venezuela
B-Boy 3T (Big Toe Crew) – Vietnam
B-Boy Mounir (Vagabonds) – France

Red Bull BC One 2011 Russia – Judges

B-Boy Machine – USA
B-Boy Wing – Korea
B-Boy Lamine – France
B-Boy Bootuz – Russia
B-Boy Pélézinho – Brazil

Red Bull BC One – related results

B-Boy Lilou is Red Bull BC One winner 2009
B-Boy Neguin is Red Bull BC One champion 2010
B-Boy Armstrong is Red Bull BC One UK 2011 champion