notorious-ibe-2012-winnersThe Notorious IBE is taking place this weekend in Heerlen, the Netherlands with dance battles taking place in breaking, locking, popping and hip hop – find the winners here!

The Notorious IBE 2012 is 12th edition of the annual international hip hop dance festival in Holland celebrating hip hop culture taking place in the town of Heerlen.

European qualifiers also took place for the UK B-Boy Championships with Soul Mavericks emerging as the winning crew. As they had already won the Regional Conflict UK B-Boy Championships qualifier in London the qualifying crew was passed on to Dead Prez.

Salah was voted the winning popper against Sasha, although Salah gave her his qualifier place as he had already competed at the competition several times over the past years.

Additional winners will be added as results become available, as will official videos of the battles.

Notorious IBE 2012 winners

IBE seven to smoke winner
B-Boy Blond

IBE toprock battle winner
B-Boy Whacko

Generations battle winners
Momentum Crew (B-Boy Lagaet, B-Boy Max, B-Boy Jonathan)

B-boy power move battle winner
B-Boy Hill

Super solo b-boy battle winner
B-Boy Sebi

We B*Girlz 2-on-2 b-girl battle winners
B-Girl JK-47 and B-Girl Roxy

IBE focus on footwork battle

IBE locking winner

House dance winner

Concrete battle winner
B-Boy Kid Glyde