Soul Mavericks is the winner of the UK B-Boy Championships Regional Conflict 2012 crew qualifiers and will go on to represent the UK at the World Finals at the Brixton Academy in October.

They defeated MDK in the semi finals to face Soul Meezy in the finals. Full results breakdown can be found below.

B-Boy Spin is solo b-boy champion who will go on to battle in the knockout rounds on the first day of the UK B-Boy Championships.

Marvel and Dickson both qualify for the world finals in popping, who like the solo b-boy champion will compete on the knockout day in October.

Marcio and Kashmir both qualify for the newly introduced hip hop battles.

Regional Conflict 2012 National BBoy Championships results

Winners of each round are highlighted in bold with scores laid out to represent which side won. An X is a tiebreak vote from one of the judges. Names may be misspelt – please leave a comment for corrections and we’ll rectify them ASAP!

B-boy crew battle results

Entered crews
14 crews entered resulting in seven five minute battles for a top eight quarter final decided by the Regional Conflict 2012 judges.

Competing crews
Bright Soul Crew
FSA Crew
Ground Command
Ill Animals
It Doesn’t Matter
Just For Funk
Natural Selections
New Found Motion
Rain Crew
So On It
Soul Mavericks
Soul Meezy
Soul Superior

Quarter finals
Rain Crew v MDK 0-3
Just 4 Funk v Soul Mavericks 0-3
New Found Motion v So On It 3-0
Soul Meezy v Natural Selection 3-0

Semi finals
MDK v Soul Mavericks 0-3
New Found Motion v Soul Meezy 1-2

Soul Mavericks v Soul Meezy 3-0

Solo b-boy battle results

Top 16
B-Boy Manny v B-Boy Sheckzz 3-0
B-Boy Banner v B-Boy Knuckles 2-x
B-Boy Gabs v B-Boy Lee 3-0
B-Boy Adamski v B-Boy Juji Rock 3-0
B-Boy Dyziac v B-Boy Foggy 2-x
B-Boy Marquis v B-Boy Barbarian 3-0
B-Boy Petrio v B-Boy Khanage x-x-1
B-Boy Spin v B-Boy Magic 3-0

Quarter finals
B-Boy Manny v B-Boy Adamski 2-1
B-Boy Banner v B-Boy Gabs 0-3
B-Boy Dyziac v B-Boy Markiz x-2
B-Boy Khanage v B-Boy Spin 0-3

Semi finals
B-Boy Manny v B-Boy Gabs 1-2
B-Boy Markiz v B-Boy Spin 1-2

B-Boy Gabs v B-Boy Spin

Hip hop battle results

Top 8
Kashmir v Ruru 2-1
Kieron v Diva J 0-3
Marcio v Saul 3-0
Alui v C 0-3

World qualifiers
There is no first place winner – both names highlighted below go on to the world finals in October
v Diva J 3-0
Marcio v C

Popping battle results

Top 8
Alper v Holistic 0-3
Dickson v Paris 3-0
Marvel v Frankie J 2-1
Sean v WMP (no show)

As with hip hop there is no first place winner – both names highlighted below go on to the world finals in October
World qualifiers
Holistic v Dickson 0-3
Marvel v Sean 2-x

UK BBoy Championships 2012 international qualifiers dates info

BBoy Championships 2012 poster cropEight international qualifiers for the UK B-Boy Championships will take place ahead of the world finals to find the eight crews, solo b-boys, lockers, poppers, and hip hop dancers that will battle for the title.

Portugal and Spain Qualifier (Porto) – 28/29 April
Germany (Oberhausen) – 19/20 May
Korea Qualifier at R16 Korea 2012 (Seoul) – 23/24 June
Japan Qualifier (Tokyo) – 4/5 August
UK and Ireland Qualifier (London) – 19 August
Benelux Qualifier (Eindhoven) – 25 August
Scandinavia Qualifier (Helsinki) – August tbc
European Finals at the Notorious IBE (Heerlen) – 8/9 September

The UK B-Boy Championships is an annual b-boy (breakdance) battle starring the world’s best breakers, lockers and poppers battle at the world finals at the Brixton Academy, London.

The competition’s biggest attraction is its b-boy crew battles with Vagabond Crew of France becoming the UK B-Boy Championships 2011 world champions.

The 17th Annual B-Boy Championships World Finals takes place in October at the O2 Academy Brixton